Tobacco Free Missouri (TFM) is a statewide tobacco control coalition consisting of concerned citizens and organizations. Since 2007, TFM has been working with partners to develop a unified voice for tobacco control policy efforts and is working to create a healthier Missouri by eliminating the burden of tobacco for all people, including the LGBTQ community. This is accomplished through collaboration with diverse communities and peoples across the state to reduce tobacco use and eliminate secondhand smoke for all Missourians through education and policy change.

Tobacco Free Missouri has been an active partner of Out, Proud and Healthy since the beginning by sponsoring tobacco education materials for our booths at pride festivals and by sitting on our board. TFM provides resources statewide to help individuals quit smoking as well as technical assistance for organizations and communities working on smoke-free policies.


teampromoTobacco Free Missouri at the Capital, 2013

Thank you Tobacco Free Missouri for helping to promote health for all LGBTQ Missourians!