The LGBTQ Resource Center at the University of Missouri – Columbia is charged with the responsibility of serving and meeting the needs of MU’s campus. They accomplish this not only by serving the LGBTQ student/staff/faculty community (which they do mightily!), but also by reaching out to the larger MU community through education, advocacy, outreach, and programming. The good they do can be found in this simple statement on their website:

“We believe that you’re good. You’re worthwhile and we’re glad that you’re at Mizzou and in the world. It’s okay and wonderful for you to be you, whoever and however you may be.”

Students and staff at the LGBTQ Resource Center are actively involved in addressing health issues affecting LGBTQ people on campus and across the state. From helping to expand the list of safe health care providers through the Transgender Health Network to encouraging dialogue on issues facing our community, the Resource Center is actively helping to promote health for all – all students, all community members, and all Missourians.

teampromoCenter Coordinator Struby & Truman the Tiger 

Thank you MU LGBTQ Resource Center for helping to promote health for all LGBTQ Missourians!