Groups w/ Smoke Free Policies

The Network for LGBT Health Equity is a community-driven network of advocates and professionals looking to enhance LGBT health by eliminating tobacco use, and other health disparities within our communities. We are one of six CDC-funded tobacco disparity networks and a project of The Fenway Institute in Boston. We directly train state health departments or other policymakers in LGBT cultural competency and forge bridges between them and local LGBT health specialists. We actively monitor national and state health policymakers and urge community action when there is an opportunity to enhance LGBT wellness.

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The EX Plan is based on scientific research and practical advice from ex-smokers. It isn’t just about quitting smoking. It’s about re-learning life without cigarettes. Our online community is filled with people who know what you’re going through. Let them cheer you on. Sign up for our free quit smoking plan today.

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The Missouri Tobacco Quitline can help Missourians stop using tobacco. The Quitline offers telephone and online counseling and resource materials to assist individuals who want to quit smoking or using other tobacco products. The Quitline is free to anyone in Missouri. Call or use the web to get help to quit smoking or chewing tobacco. Both the toll-free number and the web enroll will register you to talk to a trained quit coach. The quit coach will help you plan your quit. The coach can also suggest other resources to help, like nicotine replacement therapy.
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Missouri Tobacco Quit Services offers free and confidential tools to help you quit nicotine (cigarettes, vapes or chew). Our tools are available 24/7 and proven to help you succeed. Quit online, by phone, or by text. However you do it, we can support you.

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