• Date: Spring/Summer 2014
  • Location: St. Louis & Columbia

Project LOLA – A Health & Fitness Project just wrapped up in St. Louis and Columbia! Project LOLA is all about health and fitness for women in our community – designed by community members with lesbian and bisexual women in mind. As we wrap up the project, we’re excited to start sharing more of what we’ve learned about the health of our communities.

Here’s a quick list of who the project was for:

  • women in St. Louis or Columbia, Missouri
  • over 40 years old
  • self-identify as lesbian or bisexual
  • interested in getting healthier
  • ability to commit to the project

Our hope is that, as a result of this project, lesbian and bisexual women will have a better understanding of what health is, more access to resources for making healthy choices, and more opportunities for healthy behaviors – leading to a healthier you AND a healthier community!

We’ve got some research-y details already in the works, where you can learn more about why we’re doing the project, and a project information page, where you can find all the fun details.



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