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The Gateway Business Guild of St. Louis is a local non-profit organization committed to promoting development and growth of successful business enterprises within the LGBT community

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This is a social group for those 18+ who want to become active in the community, support local LGBT friendly businesses/organizations and to have a great time getting to know some awesome people in and around the Kansas City area.

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The Mid-America Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (MAGLCC) is an organization that advocates, promotes and facilitates the success of the LGBT business community and their allies through the guiding principles of equality, inclusion, economics and education.  The MAGLCC’s purpose is to create, identify and enhance business opportunities for LGBT and LGBT-friendly organizations, thereby fostering a more inclusive and vibrant economy in Mid-America. Currently focused on building the organization’s foundation in Kansas City our future plans call for the MAGLCC to be a resource for the five-state area of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Oklahoma.

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During each year, members and organizations take the Jobs with Justice Pledge to Be There at least five times for someone else’s fight as well as their own. That means joining picket lines, attending contract rallies and participating in other actions or demonstrations for economic and social justice.

Jobs with Justice also works to build skills among Missouri’s key forces for economic justice by conducting local training sessions on organizing and building labor and community power. We also organize a delegation to the Jobs with Justice Annual Meeting which includes workshops on issues such as strike support, global solidarity, fighting racism in our work, art in activism, building student movements and much more.

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Open Doors in KC is dedicated to creating and promoting social and informational events and resources to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex and Allied Community. We work with other organizations to provide up to date information, resources and events. Kansas City has much to offer, but it can be difficult to find, especially for those who are too young or choose not to frequent the bar scene. To help meet the need for socialization and activism, our mission is to create a variety of events that bring people together, foster connections that will become supportive networks, bring resources into the light and allow people to find a place in which they can feel safe being themselves.

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Our mission is to help build, grow, and support those businesses and organizations who support the LGBT people so that our community can thrive.

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