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Metro Trans Umbrella Group (MTUG) is grassroots, trans-focused organization that began in 2013 when a few folks enriched a loving community where transgender people could thrive. The organization strives to serve, unite, strengthen, and empower trans people by creating visibility, providing education, and promoting positive change in St. Louis and beyond.

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Once upon a time, there was a group called Boys and Brews. This group flourished for a while, but then one day it just disappeared. After many questions about where the group had gone or when and where the next meeting was, it decided to come back out of hiding. After the months of solitude, the group found itself in a new transcendent state. In this new state, it decided to call itself “GBTea.” And now, GBTea is coming out, bringing with it a new era of Mpowerment.

GBTea is a social group for all gay/bi men and transgender/trans* women under 30 in the St. Louis area. We’ll be meeting at 2pm at Mokabe’s Coffee House. Our first meeting will be about meeting new people within the community! Oh, and your first (non-alcoholic) beverage is free!

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